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Chiropractic services we provide:

Adjustments, also sometimes referred to as manipulations, are minor movements of the spine’s vertebrae. Under the skillful hand of the chiropractor, these quick movements restore proper alignment and allows the body to function properly.

If you are suffering from back pain and have tried physical therapy, drugs, and manipulations, then spinal decompression therapy is the next step.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation sends small electrical currents into soft tissue or muscle spasms, which helps the body release endorphins. This chiropractic therapy is great for neck or back muscle spasms.

The Protec FMT facilitates a gravity-based spinal decompression therapy that allows for full range of motion stretches. Although useful for all ages, this device is an especially effective therapeutic tool for older and less mobile patients.

Our chiropractic office in Roselle, IL, has an on site digital X-Ray, allowing you to save a trip to your primary care physician.