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Protec FMT Spinal Decompression


The Protec FMT is the only therapeutic device on the market that administers Floating Manipulative Therapy (FMT) for both chronic and acute cervical, lumbar, and shoulder pain. FMT is a gravity-based, three-dimensional spinal decompression therapy that uses the patient’s own body weight to gently decompress the spine and allow for therapeutic stretches in a full range of motion. It has clinical benefits for patients of all ages and mobilities in a variety of care settings.


ProtecSpine’s mission is to bring FMT to chiropractors, physical therapists, rehabilitation specialists, sports medicine physicians, and other clinicians across North America–for the benefit of countless patients suffering from pain.


We strive for a future where every patient has access to the clinical benefits of FMT, and is able to live life to the fullest without the burden of pain.

The Problem

Back pain is a pervasive health problem, and it is on the rise. As demand for spinal decompression therapy increases in North America, clinicians will need more efficient and effective tools to provide high-quality care to every patient in need.

The Solution ProtecFMT Provides

  • Rapid treatment for back, shoulder, and neck pain ailments.
  • Vertically-oriented, gravity-based therapy.
  • A therapeutic alternative for older and less mobile patients.
  • Increased patient satisfaction and throughput.
  • A simple, efficient tool for clinicians to enhance care.


Advanced Health Solutions is the only center in Roselle and the greater Chicagoland area that offers therapy using this innovative system.

An increasing number of people suffer from lower back problems in the United States and around the world. It is estimated that over 85% of all American adults will suffer from back pain in their lifetime. On any given day, 6.5 million people are in bed because of back pain. With such a large portion of the population suffering from back pain, an estimated $45 billion is spent on treatment each year.

Floating Manipulative Therapy enables a reduction of pressure upon the patient’s lower body by lifting and suspending the upper body, thus providing a significant reduction in internal intervertebral disc pressure.

Similar to the “Pressure Elimination Approach” established by William H. Kirkaldy-Willis, M.D., the Protec therapy is known as a Floating Lumbar Suspension Therapeutic Exercise Treatment in which the lower body weight, functioning as an anchor, provides natural traction. In this state, various types of movement therapy and rehabilitation can be conducted for the lumbar region, legs, etc.


The body-holding waist belt has an ergonomic design to minimize patient discomfort.

The Floating Manipulative Therapy System was introduced at the August 2000 International Human Science Convention in San Diego by Dr. Hiroshi Jonai.

Since then, it has gained wide medical recognition and use in Japan and Asia.

Over 3,000 machines are currently in use by general hospitals, orthopedic surgeons, internal medicine clinics, physical therapy and rehabilitation centers, osteopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, sports gyms, and sports teams.

Dimensions: 4 ft. x 4 ft. x 7 ft. 250 lbs.

Patient’s maximum weight: up to 440 lbs.

An optional neck traction and shoulder mobilization add-on accessory is available. It fits on the Protec device with easy installation.

This added feature gives doctors and patients greater treatment options.


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