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Personal Injury

We treat injuries sustained in automobile accidents, slips, and common falls. Many times from the force absorbed in an accident, the vertebrae are misaligned and cause a subluxation. It is not always just muscles that are affected.

Actually, you can have subluxations and not even know it. Like the early stages of tooth decay, subluxations can be present long before any symptoms emerge. Only chiropractors have the specific training to detect subluxation. Using special techniques like x-ray, surface electromyography, thermal scanning, and postural analysis, chiropractors can determine whether or not subluxations are present.

Adjustments are used by chiropractors to reposition the bones that are out of proper alignment. There are various techniques of adjusting the vertebrae. Depending on the patient’s age, condition, and the doctor’s training and experience, any of these techniques may be used. The purpose of the adjustments is to remove any interference to the nervous system, which improves spinal function and overall health. Adjustments are safe for all ages and are completely natural.