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Massages can relieve many types of muscle tightness and pain by stimulating the nervous system to instruct the muscles to relax even more. Massage can reduce inflammation by increasing circulation and relieve pressure on nerves to the hands, arms, legs and feet. When you walk in for your massage appointment you will be escorted to one of three relaxing and comfortable, private massage rooms. While you are relaxing, our expert massage therapist will attend to all of the areas of your pain concerns. All of our patients feel relaxed and refreshed after receiving a 50 minute massage.

Anyone of our patients can tell you, this one visit will definitely be unforgettable! You may call our office to set an appointment at 847-466-5009.

Upon consulting with our doctors, they will be able to determine if your therapy is eligible to be incorporated into your treatment plan. Our doctors and insurance verification staff can verify if this may be a cost covered by your health insurance, workers compensation or personal injury at our clinic.

* Please note not all listed massage services may be covered by your health insurance. These services are available for self-pay. You can contact our office the cost of these services.

Massage Therapy Services We Provide:

Smooth stones provide penetrating warmth while your massage therapist gently relaxes muscle tension with expert pressure. You may choose a specific area of tension or book a full body session.

This is our most frequently requested massage therapy service! It’s a relaxing therapeutic massage that uses varying pressure (as determined by individual preference) to release muscle tension.

This is a healthy, safe, and effective massage for expectant mothers. It’s a relaxing, comforting massage that improves circulation while removing lactic acid, toxins, and edema.

These sessions provide a myofascial release that helps restore normal function.