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Deep Tissue Massage

The most frequently requested massage therapy session. A relaxing, nurturing, therapeutic massage using varied pressure as determined by individual preference and therapist skill. Specific areas of muscle tension are addressed with firm pressure and advanced techniques. A client may choose a full body session or session that focuses specifically on areas of muscle tension.

As our body deals with stress, trauma and toxins, it is quite easy to develop physical holding patterns and eventually, the stress-tension-pain cycle. Our body conforms to an ill pattern that may feel comfortable for a while, but can lead to a world of discomfort over time. Time spent in these patterns cause myofascial binding, deep tissue irritation and ultimately trigger points and bone misalignment. Once we reach this point, nerves can become irritated. The nerves fire and cause even more tension in the muscles and trigger additional pain. Deep tissue therapy concentrates in on all of these points. Through steady, slow, and deep pressure, surrounding soft tissue is relaxed to a point that will release this painful condition.

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