Personal Injury Q&A

Should I see an attorney before I set an appointment at Advanced Health Solutions?

Usually, it is best to get checked out by our doctors first. That way, the findings from your exam will give you the information needed if you elect to see an attorney. If necessary, we can refer you to many reputable and qualified attorneys.

What if my car sustained only minor damage?

Documented studies done by Charles Carroll, M.D., Paul McAtee, M. D. and Lee Riley, M.D. and the society of automotive engineers reveals that: “The amount of damage to the automobile bears little relation to the force applied to the cervical spine (neck) and injuries of the occupants.”

In other words, the damage to the passengers is not necessarily directly related to damage to the vehicle. If you are not in pain, then you may be O.K.

It is probably wise to wait a couple months after your injury before you settle your case. If by that time you are still feeling fine, then go from there.

If I need treatment for this injury, do I have to pay for it myself?

No, most automobile insurance companies pay 100% for our treatment. Only in rare circumstances does the patient pay for their care as they go. Our office also provides care “on credit” when patients are represented by an attorney.

I’ve been to the hospital and my medical doctor, do I really need to see a Chiropractic Physician at Advanced Health Solutions ?

You need a doctor that focuses on the treatment and diagnosis of auto accident injuries. Usually, hospitals will check vital signs and release the patient with pain relief medication and possibly a cervical collar. They normally do not treat the underlying improper musculoskeletal biomechanics that can and very often do lead to future pain. A medical doctor may take X-rays and tell you that they are normal. If you are still having problems you should get a second opinion.

If your medical doctor has given you pills, you must understand that pills do not correct structural or soft tissue damage. There are special therapies designed for that, and our doctors have access to the most cutting-edge technology .

What is Whiplash?

Whiplash hurls your head violently backward (hyperextension) and forward (hyperflexion)- injuring your neck. The injury is worse if the neck was turned to the side at the time of the accident. Whiplash is the most common injury resulting from car accidents. Whiplash can cause injury to intervertebral joints, discs, and ligaments, cervical muscles, and nerves. Whiplash is often encountered along with concussions and more serious injury. The effects of whiplash can be short term or life long, and can leave the neck forever vulnerable to injury. The injury can also extend to shoulders and arms.

Whiplash leads to long-term disability in 10% of people injured in car accidents. Approximately 1,000,000 people are exposed to whiplash injury in the U.S. every year. Nearly 25% of these cases result in chronic pain and disability. 1 in 7 whiplash victims will still have significant pain more than 3 years after the accident.

Whiplash can be diagnosed with a simple physical examination or using x-rays. X-rays will also be used to see if there are any fractures of the vertebrae and the extent to which the alignment of the neck has been altered. After a whiplash injury your neck’s natural curve may be reversed, which unevenly.

Even “fender-benders” can cause hidden injuries that can develop into pain, headaches, and arthritis. Even worse, most people who have been involved in an auto accident may not even know that they’ve been hurt.

Most doctors give pain killers to hide these injuries.

The chiropractic approach to these types of injuries is to use specific chiropractic adjustments to help return spinal function. After a thorough case history and examination, our doctor will recommend any necessary care to help restore proper motion and position of spinal bones. If caught early enough, inflammation can be reduced and scar tissue can often be minimized. We successfully treat many types of whiplash and motor vehicle-related injuries daily. Most Auto Insurance Pays For 100% of Our Services!